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Stewart Tech

Fuel Security

Maintenance Software

Pivot Control


Wireless Networks

IP Cameras

Photo and File Manager

Texting Alerts

Texting Control

Detailed Reports

Yes, we do all that and more! Whether your business is big or small, Stewart Tech can help you get organized and save time and money.

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Take Control of Security on your farm or dairy

One Program. Infinite solutions.

Stewart Tech incorporates many systems into one so you can do it all from one location. Pivots, Maintenance, Fuel Monitoring, IP Cameras. You want it, we have it.

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No Smart Phone? No Problem!

Control Everything with your phone via texting

Get updates and control your pivots, pumps, and fueling stations by sending a simple, secure text. Want to grab a quick picture from one of your IP Cameras? No problem. Just text it 'snap', and it will reply with a current snapshot.

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Stewart Tech delivers the best agriculture system around.


With today's technology, why drive out to your pivot and turn it on when you can do it straight from your phone?

Fuel Security

With advanced technology from Stewart Tech, sleep easier at night knowing your fuel is being monitored around the clock.


Keep track of all your work orders with one system. Oh yeah, and now you can get automatic work orders when machines are in need of servicing.

Wireless Network

Connect your entire farm to one central network allowing access to everything all the time!

The JSYS Unit

The JSYS Unit (Junction System) is our leading product for automation. It allows for a junction between you and your hardware via internet, texting, smartphone, or tablet. It doesn't really matter what it is; we can usually control it and monitor it with JSYS.
JSYS is one system for infinite solutions. How will you use yours?

I have used this system to control my lights. It is great to be able to control them from anywhere, anytime.

James Stewart

More Ideas

One implementation of the JSYS is in grain or feed storage. By adding pressure sensors to the walls of your stage containers, you know the levels of your containers at all the time. You can even set it up to alert you with a text or email when certain levels are reached.

Ever come back to your shop in the morning to find that someone left the lights on all night? The JSYS will allow you to turn those lights off from any device and can even alert you if someone turns them on in the middle of the night!

The Big Idea of the JSYS Unit is to allow you to connect to whatever system you need to from any device. It comes with relays, I/O sensors, and serial connections which enables you to control almost everything.

What do we have in the works? Check out what is in development!