Pivots and Pumps

Why choose us

All Devices Ready

Now access your Pivots and Pumps from anywhere over the internet. Andriod, IPhone, IPad, PC, Mac, No Problem. Works on all platforms. You can even text it!


Have Pumps that deliver water to multiple Pivots? Our Interlock systems connects pumps and pivots together digitally and alerts you know if any part of your system goes down unexpectedly.


If you have manure or fertilizer going on a field, you know you have to monitor it for unexpected shutdowns. With this system, get texts and phone calls alerting you of errors!

Do it all from a device you already own!

What it does

Google Maps

Your system will be custom designed with a Google Map graphical interface. This will allow you to see your fields in an easy to use formate.


What can it control? Forward, Reverse, Stop, Water, Auxilary Pumps, SIS, Percentage. We can control anything that is on your panel plus dynamic stop locations and times.

All Pivot

We are experienced working with many brands of pumps and pivots. Stewart Tech System can offer the flexibility to customize your pump and pivot according to your needs.

Shut Down Alerts

Need to know when a pivot or pump shuts down? Now you can with Smart Alerts which sends texts and emails.


Connect pivots and pumps together digitally to give more control over your irrigation design.

Mobile Access

Control Pivots and Pumps from any device, phone or computer. Accessibility like this can make life a whole lot easier.


You can now have live feeds at your pivots or pumps! This can be used to monitor weather conditions or fertilizer tank levels. You can even set it up so you get a snap shot once a day or on demand.


You can have a texting conversation with your pivots or pumps. Turn them on, off, check their status, adjust the percentage or frequency straight from a text.

What we do


Control any pivot from any brand, old or new, remotely with your Stewart Tech System.


Start and Stop any pump on your farm or dairy with this system. If you can start it manually, we can start it remotely.


Interlock your pivots and pumps together to allow for easier control over your custom design system.