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Long Range Networks

In today's society, having a network for your business allows for greater access to everything you need. With our long range networks, we can link up your shops, pivots, pumps, and anything else. This eliminates the need for monthly internet connection fees to remote locations!

Ubiquity Quality

We install Ubiquity products, a leader in long range wireless communication. Expect faster connections and more up time with these links.

No Monthly Costs

With one network, you no longer have to worry about connecting each pivot and pump with a third party internet connection. In one year's time, you already save money by using your own network to communicate with your devices.

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What it does

Long Range Setup

The antennas we use are built for long and short range use. We can set up links that range from a few hundred feet to miles long.

Monitoring Software

We have software built into our system that will quickly help you find problems with links. When a link goes down, the system can tell you exactly where the problem is and give suggestions of how to fix the problem.

One Central Network

With everything on one network, easily share files and folders. We can also help you set up network printers so you can print from any computer to any printer on your network.

Quick Look


We install a high grade router with a built in firewall to protect you and your network from the outside.


The Ubiquity antennas provide a solid connection to your network.


Switches are used to connect more devices to your network and are essential to providing you with the access you need.