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Work Orders

Stay organized with all of your workorders in one location. You can even organize your work orders by machine, user, cost, or type!

Auto Maintenance Requests

Have work orders created automatically when a machine needs servicing with Auto Maintenance. Requests can be made automatically by days between services or machine hours.


Be alerted when a machine needs servicing. This will allow you and your mechanics to stay on top of important machine maintenance and avoid higher maintenance costs later.

Integrate with a Fuel System!

What it does

Work Orders

Each work order contains fields for notes, cost, service type, description, and so much more!

Auto Maintenance

The auto maintenance feature allows for work orders to be created automatically when a certain number of machine hours are reached or after a certain number days have passed since the last servicing.


Organize your users as mechanics, allowing them access to work orders and machine information. This allows for your mechanics to get the information they need all the time.

Quick Submit

If you or one of your coworkers need to report an issue with a machine, quick submit makes it easy! A work order can be submitted from a computer or even from a phone or tablet.


Having everything in one system will allow you to see custom reports to help you spot potential problems and track your machines. Having a full history on your machine is sure to help you in the future.


Now store photos of machines or damages. This will allow you to better keep track of what problems occurred on your equipment.

Quick Look

Work Orders

With work orders built into your system, you can keep track of all important maintenance services.


With the dashboard, you will quickly be able to see how many work orders are coming up, are due, or overdue with one quick look!

Auto Maintenance

Maintenance requests can be created automatically for you either by the hours your machine has reached or days between servicing.