Fueling Stations

Why choose us


Monitor, at all times, who is fueling which machine with how much fuel. Receive a text message or email when every fueling is complete.

Auto Maintenance Requests

Have work orders generated automatically when machines reaches a certain number of hours or after a certain number of days. This makes it easy to remember when your machines need to be serviced.


Receive alerts when suspicious activity appear on a machine or when a machine starts getting poor fuel consumption. This preventive measure lessens the probability of higher maintenance costs in the future. No doubt about it, alerts can save you money.

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What it does

User Authentication

Each time a user goes to fill a machine, they must first type in a unique PIN. Users can be assigned to fill only certain machines! They also can be restricted to the amount of fuel filled in a specific machine.

Machine Authentication

A machine ID must also be entered when starting a fueling session. This allows you to know who is filling what machine. With information like this, you can track fuel consumption on your farm or dairy.

Consumption Restrictions

Machines and Users can be restricted in the amount of fuel they can receive within a given time period. This keeps unauthorized fuelings under close watch and protects you and your tank when no one is around to monitor.

Theft Protection

Our system runs algorithms to alert you if unusual activity is present.

MPG/GPH Calculated

This number will be calculated as a running average as to help you know how your machines are doing with fuel consumption.

Remote Access

You can even turn the pump on and off for a timed amount or indefinitely from your phone or computer for access when needed.

Hours Input

With hours or miles input at each fill up, take advantage of being able to know the hours or miles of your machines all the time, auto maintenance, tougher security, and usage reports.


With our reports library, you will find reports that will help you better monitor usage and consumption of your equipment as well as important machine historical information.

Push Maintenance

Once a machine reaches a certain number of hours, have a work order created automatically to ease the task of tracking important services. This will save you time and money.

Text Alerts

Users receive text messages as soon as they complete filling up. This will help them be confident the PIN is never compromised. You too can receive texts after all fuelings!

Live Feed

Watch the transactions at the pump as they happen! You can see exactly who is filling what machine with how many gallons in real time.

Quick Look


View and control all your stations from one location. You can also monitor tank levels to know when fuel needs to be ordered.


Our reports library can help you know exactly what is going on in your system at all times.

Auto Maintenance

Allow Auto Maintence to create work orders for you when a machine is in need of servicing!